5.00pm-5.45pm 5-16yrs


10.45am-11.30am 5-16yrs





6.15pm-7.00pm 5-16yrs

We also have a special FLIPZ’N’TRIX session on the last kids Streetdance class of each month in Runcorn

Got a boy or girl aged 5-16yrs who is full of energy and are always throwing themselves around the house?


Not a gymnastics class but the next best thing. Your child will learn how to:-

  • Forward and backward tumbles
  • Jump overs
  • Cartwheels
  • Front flips
  • Back flips
  • Handstands
  • Headstands
  • Somersaults
  • Free running
  • Jumping and Falling (correctly)
  • Dance Acrobatics
  • Jumping through Hoops
  • Parkour
  • Climbing

During our classes we help your child to carry out the manoeuvres in a safe and controlled environment. Crash mats are also used. There is a main coach. This class is great for building confidence, teamwork and general fitness. This class is great for both boys and girls and is a popular class and is a great addition to our fantastic Street Dance classes.

Plus lots of other well known floor moves to impress their friends and family.

The above class will enable your child to express themselves, build confidence, improve stamina and fitness levels, teamwork, rhythm and coordination. Both boys and girls attend these classes.


49 thoughts on “FLIPZ’N’TRIX / FREE-RUNNING

    • HI yes we have places and are open throughout the summer holidays.. classes are £4 for 3-6yrs and £5 all other ages. We offer £1 discount for sibling’s and can do both flipz’n’trix and streetdance for just £7. FirSt class is free if you can fI’ll out our contact form on the contact page to register for a place. Feel free to call me if need further details 07968925892. JP x

  1. Hi

    Your class in Ellesmere port where is the site based and do you have any spaces for 2 boys aged 5 please?

  2. Hi do you have space for 2 at the Monday ADHD and autistic sessions aged 7 and 8. Please also are you just term times or can i come Monday if space is available?
    Thank you

  3. Hi. My daughter would love to give free running a go. She already does gymnastics on a Thursday, is there any weekend classes that she could try out?

  4. I can’t get my boys to the ellesmere port class on a Wednesday but they are really keen to do this every week do you have a class on another night or a weekend? Where are these?

    • Hi Yes the class is brilliant they will love it! If you can’t make Wednesdays then we have a class on Thursday in Chester 5.15-6.00 or Friday in Runcorn 6.00-7.00. All details and venues are on these pages of our website x

    • His Lisa… have a look at our Ellesmere Port Page of th website.. all.info is on there. Our flipz n trix class is 5pm on Wednesdays at Stanmer Grange Community Centre CH65 9HE. All details and timetables are on the page x

  5. My son is nearly 11 and would love to do free running or parkour do you have any spaces and if so when thanks

    • Sorry just seen this message. . We have a great class for all that and he will love it.. we have places available. Not sure where your based but we have a class every Wednesday in Ellesmere Port 5pm @ Stanney Grange Community Centre CH65 9HE . Just turn up. JP x

  6. Hiya my son is interested in free running ,do you have any spaces in Ellesmere Port ? He’s 9 .if you do where is it please

    • Hi Helen… yes we have places available to start on Wednesday 20th July. 5pm @ Stanney Grange Community Centre CH65 9HE. Info also on the Ellesmere Port page of this website x

  7. Hi, Son really wants to learn tricks and flips. He’s almost 5 do i have to wait till his 6 or can he come?

  8. Hi, following your assembly at Stalyhill juniors my boys aged 6 and 11 are both interested in the Tuesday flips and tricks class, are there spaces in the class? Thanks

  9. Hi
    I have a summer school
    And wondering if we could arrange a session or 2 there? We are based in Widnes. Thanks

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