What Is Streetdance?

STREET DANCE is a style performed regularly in music videos and is an exciting way to keep fit. Moves such as popping, locking, Hip Hop and house dance are combined with krumping, shuffling, tutting and even twerking to create the most up to the minute routines! In street dance, no two classes are the same, as each instructor leads with their own personality and style. Street Dance isn’t just a way to learn how to look good on the dancefloor it’s a fantastic way to build confidence and get fit. So, keep it up and before you know it you’ll be throwing shapes like Justin Timberlake and using muscles you never knew existed.


6 thoughts on “What Is Streetdance?

  1. Hi there

    My 14 year old has been doing street dance for years now at a very good dance school in new mills but she has been watching you tube at at a lot of dance schools in America doing this locking and popping she’s well into it do u do this and where are u based.

    Cheers Lucy Jordan

  2. Hi, Im looking for a street dance class I’m 35, not much experience as not lived much for myself but enjoy dancing but can lack confidence until comfortable then I’m away , never been a dance class before I live in gorton, Manchester and need some advice or places I can ring for advice ! Can u help pls …thanks 🙂

  3. Hi I’m 13 and I love dancing and a lot of people around me that I know do however I don’t know if it’s too late for me to start?

  4. Hi I’m wondering what you have available for my 6 year old son. He loves dancing and I’m trying to find him somewhere I think he’ll like. If you could email me with a bit more info ie days, times and prices. I’d really appreciate it thank you

    • Hi Gemma… have a look again on this website… click on the venue that is closest to you and all our timetables of classes are on here. Feel free to call on 07968925892 if you need any more info. JP x

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